Using fonts the easy way


If you enjoy using fonts
this will be for you


If you have a lot of fonts
and install all of them it'll
slow down your pc.

A solution to this problem could
be to download this program


Font XPlorer Lite

Click on the image above and download the program

Install it on your pc and start the program

Now you'll see all fonts installed in Windows


Browse to find the fonts you haven't installed

 'View' --> 'Browse Multiple Folders'


Click on 'Add'


Browse and find the folder where you keep your
fonts that are not installed and then 'OK'
(It is a good idea to have a folder specific for fonts not installed)

It'll look like this
(here my folder is called 'Fonte_downloaded)


Now a search will begin and when finished
all the fonts in the chosen folder will show


Minimize and open PSP

Now, in PSP, you'll be able to see and use all the fonts,
the installed and the not installed ones for as long
as you keep Font XPlorer Lite open.
Closing Font XPlorer Lite the fonts will disappear
from PSP


Use Font XPlorer Lite everytime you want to have
many fonts to choose from in PSP


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