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Note: It is not allowed to download these desktop calendars for the purpose of placing them at your own site for people to download!


Unfortunately Mr. Hult fell at the Mall wednesday July 1st.
and broke his wrist, his arm is now in a cast.
Mr. Hult is a leg amputee and walk by the help
of cruthes,

UPDATE February 2010:
Mr. Hults wrist is still not all well, some fingers are numb,
the hospital will not perform surgery yet, it needs to get worse,
they can't locate the nerve causing this numbness :(

Sadly, we also lost our wonderful dog, Sigurd, in September
and we are still very sad, we miss him so, so much.
He hurt his knee while playing and the vet said surgery couldn't fix it.
So we had to say goodbye.

So please forgive us for not creating Desktop Calendars at the moment
as soon as we are able, they will be available again.

June 2009



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